You know what? It really is like riding a bike. You may be a little rusty in the beginning but you never forget how it’s done.

I’m writing this blog post as Perry Como croons Magic Moments to me. It’s a lovely but unseasonable 19 degrees Celsius outside (or 66 degrees Fahrenheit for the others). For those who are getting confused as to why that would be considered unseasonable, I live in a land down under. Cue the song…

Not that I’m fishing for sympathy, I’m just stating in a very matter-of-factly way that my fever-addled brain is making it hard for me to concentrate on my train of thought. The train that is usually a bullet train that propels itself like a flea (or a bunny if you so prefer) from tangent to tangent.

And back to my introduction.

Hullo all, my name’s Janet but I also exist on the wonderful internet as Witchdoctress (and at one point, a High Elf in Warhammer named Aryleth). I’m a post-grad student with somewhat lofty and egotistical dreams of publishing my written work one day. I enjoy the pastimes of reading, writing (no, really?), travelling, baking, crocheting/knitting, and training in Krav Maga and Muay Thai.

I know, the combination is odd, but the result is a kick-ass female who knows her way around the kitchen AND can look after herself in the real world. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Now that I’m done alienating any potential readers and followers by coming off as a complete narcissistic arse, I hope that you will continue to read my blog in the future for the snippets of writing that I promised I would post on my About Me page.

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