Thanks to the fantastic work of my editor, I have now secured a spot on Morgen Bailey’s Author Spotlights! It’s scheduled to be released on the 28th of April at 7am UK time (3.30pm Adelaide time). In the interview, I’ll be introduced as a person and a writer. Be sure to check Author Spotlights for my interview this Sunday!

If you’re all wondering about my progress on Tongue Tied, I’m happy to announce that I’ve hit 32,000 words. On Tuesday morning, I woke up and had such a strong urge to write about sexy things that I couldn’t concentrate on Tongue Tied. I simply had to allow myself to be sidetracked, the result of which is a nearly complete short story titled Right and Wrong. It has been fun writing Right and Wrong even if it meant sacrificing two days of work on Tongue Tied. Usually the work I produce is very telling of my obsession at said time, and I don’t even mean the genre of writing, it may be something as insignificant as a wristband or a little phrase that appears in my writing. But there you have it. My work is like snapshots of my life, I think. Reading it brings back all the memories of that particular time in my life. Better than photos because for me, it’s the feelings that matter.