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I’m beginning to believe that good things happen in threes. In the space of one day, I’ve learned that my poetry collection ranks #3 on Amazon in the Australian/Oceanic poetry category, my Book Goodies interview has been released and the SO (significant other) is now officially an SO. That is, if he still remembers that tomorrow….

Read about my writing process, my mad scientist tendencies and my childhood summarised in 200 words here.

Well, I’ve received word from my editor recently with feedback on the first draft of my novel Tongue Tied. Good news is it has a solid plot line. Next comes the hard part, the changing and revision of the parts that don’t work. It’ll be quite a process, no doubt about it.

Having returned from a Ben Ottewell (singer from the band Gomez) gig, I’ve had a great time and discovered that I really enjoyed the opening act as well, a performer by the name of Carla Lippis. With her CD in hand, I shall charge into the morning bravely now. Her voice is quite haunting…



Dreams don’t realise themselves because you’ve rubbed a lamp and made a wish. Paving the way to a better future often requires a lot of hard work and even more guts. This week, I’ve accomplished several micro-goals that will (hopefully) take me down a life path that I’ve envisioned for myself. One of these micro-goals was to improve the distance I can run non-stop. I was able to run 5km on Monday morning with some burly lads in approximately 5 degree weather and was able to keep up with them for most of the run. And then yesterday, I handed my resume in to one of the local publishing companies and met the boss, who was such a nice man. Even though there weren’t any jobs available presently, he told me that he would hold on to my resume as they need someone with a business degree. It was a very exciting afternoon for me! Working with them and for them would be an ideal situation. It’s not living-in-a-beach-house-and-being-a-nomad-writer deal but it ranks up there near the top 5 on my list.

On another slightly not-as-exciting note, exams are coming up next week. I simply cannot suppress the excitement I have for these regurgitation activities. Hooray. No, really.

I’ve set my goal on improving my cardiovascular strength. My beloved trainer has advised a daily run, working up to a non-stop 10km dash. I started at the foot of that daunting mountain today, with a short, roughly 3km jog around half the city of Adelaide. I used to jog quite regularly with my father when I was still living in Malaysia and also in the summers here by myself, until last year. It made a difference having a jogging partner this morning and I was able to motivate myself with a little mental toughness technique bequeathed upon me by my other trainer. Many thanks to my jogging partner, A! Now to triple that 3km run to 9km and a little extra….

On one of my rare nights out last night, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a fellow Neko Case fan. How few and far between those are. He was the partner of a lovely lady I’d just met and through the course of our conversation, we encountered a couple of inebriated souls who could have benefited from having their drink confiscated. It led us to bond over our comparatively more level-headed behaviour. Once again, I’m struck by the voices of the quiet ones if you just care to listen.

Oak was written for my best friend, J. He’s always been the sort of person who would willingly give a stranger the shirt off his back if he thought someone needed it. This is more significant than you would think. He’s always been self-conscious about his own physical appearance and had never taken his shirt off in front of anyone. But despite the insecurity about his looks, he is ridiculously selfless and kind and sweet to everyone around him, even though he pretends to be uncaring. A little on the goofy side, he’s a little accident-prone, just like several of my other close friends, not to name any names (E and S!). He is protective and has a knack for leadership, whereas I am content to be led. Over the years, I’ve witnessed him take many wounded birds under his wing (so to speak) and try to nurse them back to health. But lame ducks are that for good reason, or at least they are not likely to change for their own good. And so these injured fowl accumulate… You have to let them waddle out into the open world eventually.

I’m proud to announce that my first draft of Tongue Tied is complete, with a word count of 40,747! I have managed to meet my own self-imposed deadline. I can’t even describe how I feel! No, wait – I’m quite sure over the moon covers it, as well as satisfied.

I am off to lunch with my SSO (somewhat-significant other) today. It sure is a great way to spend my birthday. 🙂

More to come!

Ah yes, the end of the semester is nigh. With it brings multiple major assignments and final exams to look forward to. Lately I have had to make good use of every spare moment I have, what with my last two assignments worth 30% of my total marks and the loose-end tying-up portion of my novel-writing and a poor sick friend who’s been out of commission for a week and half.

And of course this weekend, I celebrated, in advance, my 24th birthday which will be this coming Wednesday. I had a lovely dinner with my friends at a Nepalese restaurant in North Adelaide and was nearly made to dance by the owner of the establishment. One of my friends, being of keen observational skills, stopped the progression and let me slink back (not so gracefully) to the table. Or possibly he just saw the sheer terror on my face at the unwelcome prospect of having to boogie in the middle of the restaurant with a dozen strangers watching on… Thanks, Squid, for not forcing me. 🙂 As I said today, I do not have an inner rhythm…

So the one-liner of my blog is “The blog of a writer and live-hard romantic”. Why a “live-hard romantic”, you might wonder. Does it perhaps mean that this writer lives life on the edge, partying hard and fast like tomorrow would be the end of civilisation as we know it? Not quite, my loyal followers. It has more to do with my oldest rule in life – my belief that you have to grasp life by the horns and not be afraid of rejection. Carpe diem, in the words of Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Putting it in my own words, I do not want to have to contemplate the imaginary and dreaded “what if” scenario. I have witnessed too much regret in the lives of those dearest to me because they would not or could not put themselves out there. In order to get different results, you have to do the unexpected, even if it is foreign and scary to you. I’ve trialed this several times with mixed results but upon reflection, I realised you can’t do it half-arsed. You can’t do the same old thing, perform it differently and expect results either. If you want to do something completely out of the blue, you have to do it with commitment and not just with one leg in. And that is why I call myself the live-hard romantic because instead of being an inflexible, stubborn die-hard, I aim to be adaptable but am always, and forever, a romantic.


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