My name is Janet Tan. I was born in a small country town in Malaysia with a current estimated population of 5000. Growing up, my childhood comprised of books and even more books. An introvert early in life, I developed a fierce desire to express myself through the written word. As I grew up, I grew out of my shyness but not my love for creativity.

Over the years, I have written down so many of my thoughts, turning some of my ideas into poetry and short stories. Some of them are readable while others are plainly horrifying. In the coming days, I will share some of my work with you right here. Any support and feedback will be greatly appreciated. I also bake sweets when the urge seizes me with a maniacal grip so maybe one of my lucky readers will get a peach tart in the mail some day. Who knows? It sure as heck beats life’s lemons. : )