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How does it feel to writhe in your bed, thinking of a lost love, to contemplate your place in nature atop a cliff and to be transported into the night, where the world ends and adventure begins? Forced by fate to rebel against convention, stalking the echoes of your own footsteps as you worship phoniness above all and melt into the crowd … on the edge of consciousness.

An eclectic mix of poems on love, loss, fear, nature, urbanism, globalism and mother nature – from the emerging talent of Janet Tan.

5stars “An interesting variety of poems ranging from relationships, love and even to nature, definitely a recommended read for young adults.”
5stars “I found myself enjoying the clever and articulate verses and rereading some pieces several times over.”




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Alexandra moves to the remote town of Mount Compass and she brings with her a secret and a broken heart. A new friendship leaves her feeling vulnerable and hesitatingly hopeful that she can reconnect with a man again, but presumption can hide truth and the possibility of new love.

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About this title
Word count: 6400
Themes: romance, heartbreak, secrets
Setting: Rural Australia