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Dreams don’t realise themselves because you’ve rubbed a lamp and made a wish. Paving the way to a better future often requires a lot of hard work and even more guts. This week, I’ve accomplished several micro-goals that will (hopefully) take me down a life path that I’ve envisioned for myself. One of these micro-goals was to improve the distance I can run non-stop. I was able to run 5km on Monday morning with some burly lads in approximately 5 degree weather and was able to keep up with them for most of the run. And then yesterday, I handed my resume in to one of the local publishing companies and met the boss, who was such a nice man. Even though there weren’t any jobs available presently, he told me that he would hold on to my resume as they need someone with a business degree. It was a very exciting afternoon for me! Working with them and for them would be an ideal situation. It’s not living-in-a-beach-house-and-being-a-nomad-writer deal but it ranks up there near the top 5 on my list.

On another slightly not-as-exciting note, exams are coming up next week. I simply cannot suppress the excitement I have for these regurgitation activities. Hooray. No, really.


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