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One of my short stories, The Trouble with Expectations, has been published on Weekend Reads. Weekend Reads brings to readers short stories that provide the perfect weekend escape – or bring a bit of that weekend relaxed feel to a weekday. But more importantly, it allows new authors to publish and promote their short stories as well as make their consumption accessible to readers.


The Trouble with Expectations is a fictional short story set in Mount Compass, South Australia. It’s about a young woman named Alexandra who moves out to the country, taking with her a secret and a broken heart where she befriends a young man. The friendship leaves her feeling vulnerable yet hopeful about the future. But will the truth destroy the possibility of new love? Find out here.

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Dad’s just left Adelaide to return to Singapore two days ago. I must admit that I miss him already. When I was a little younger, I sometimes felt irritated by his parental advice, not appreciating it for the concern it was. But I’m glad that now I’m a little older, I appreciate and love him exactly the way he is, with his little habits that used to drive me up the wall.

There is a lot of him in me and there’s a lot of my mother in me also. This week has just been somewhat emotional for me, what with my dad’s departure and other turns of events. The less said about the latter, the better, but I will just mention this: it’s remarkable that the ending should feel so similar to the beginning, marked by the same questions, doubts and fascinations. All that aside, it’s good to see some personal growth happening. I know I’m a little more mature for my experiences and that no matter how discouraged I may feel now, I am confident that I will spring back and be the cheerful, positive soul that I aim to be.

I’ll leave you all with a picture of my dad and I, taken at the maritime museum in Port Adelaide! Stay dry and warm, Adelaideans. For the rest of you who don’t live in Australia, stay cool and enjoy your summer!


Ah yes, the end of the semester is nigh. With it brings multiple major assignments and final exams to look forward to. Lately I have had to make good use of every spare moment I have, what with my last two assignments worth 30% of my total marks and the loose-end tying-up portion of my novel-writing and a poor sick friend who’s been out of commission for a week and half.

And of course this weekend, I celebrated, in advance, my 24th birthday which will be this coming Wednesday. I had a lovely dinner with my friends at a Nepalese restaurant in North Adelaide and was nearly made to dance by the owner of the establishment. One of my friends, being of keen observational skills, stopped the progression and let me slink back (not so gracefully) to the table. Or possibly he just saw the sheer terror on my face at the unwelcome prospect of having to boogie in the middle of the restaurant with a dozen strangers watching on… Thanks, Squid, for not forcing me. 🙂 As I said today, I do not have an inner rhythm…

So the one-liner of my blog is “The blog of a writer and live-hard romantic”. Why a “live-hard romantic”, you might wonder. Does it perhaps mean that this writer lives life on the edge, partying hard and fast like tomorrow would be the end of civilisation as we know it? Not quite, my loyal followers. It has more to do with my oldest rule in life – my belief that you have to grasp life by the horns and not be afraid of rejection. Carpe diem, in the words of Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Putting it in my own words, I do not want to have to contemplate the imaginary and dreaded “what if” scenario. I have witnessed too much regret in the lives of those dearest to me because they would not or could not put themselves out there. In order to get different results, you have to do the unexpected, even if it is foreign and scary to you. I’ve trialed this several times with mixed results but upon reflection, I realised you can’t do it half-arsed. You can’t do the same old thing, perform it differently and expect results either. If you want to do something completely out of the blue, you have to do it with commitment and not just with one leg in. And that is why I call myself the live-hard romantic because instead of being an inflexible, stubborn die-hard, I aim to be adaptable but am always, and forever, a romantic.

On the Edge of Consciousness

Poetry for young adults.
An eclectic mix of poems on love, loss, fear, nature, urbanism, globalism and mother nature.
Get in touch with yourself and with nature.

This will be my first published collection and will be available on Amazon soon as an e-book. Target release date: 10th April 2013.


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