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Snow in Adelaide – who would have thunk it! It has been remarkably chilly of late and I, just like most other people, have been guilty of sleeping in longer than usual and eating heavier foods. My dear ol’ dad is visiting from Singapore. When he arrived yesterday late afternoon, he was taken aback by the temperature, mistakenly thinking that it was supposed to be early spring here. I may have to take him shopping for a winter jacket… It’s been great to see him as I last visited him exactly a year ago, and it’ll be great to show him around the greater Adelaide region. As my dad is a lover of wildlife, I should think a trip to Monarto Zoo is in order.

On another writing-related note, author and editor Sylvia Kerslake was kind enough to conduct an interview with me several weeks ago. The questions I was asked include the challenges I faced when I was writing my book, the changes I’ve gone through since, and whether my upbringing has influenced my “sappy, funny and yet refreshing” writing. It was the longest interview I’ve had and I’d like to share it with all of you, my lovely followers. Here is the link to the interview.

Let me leave you with a photo of some meerkats from the Adelaide Zoo. The one standing taller was born a regular sandy colour but has gradually turned white over time. It’s a bit of a mystery…

 Albino and regular meerkat


Inspired by my favourite martial art (Muay Thai) and one of my favourite African beastie (no prizes for guessing right though). Enjoy.

Oh, little meerkat standing tall

Bruised eyes and speckled fur bristling

Like a fighter, you stand on the balls of your feet

Tireless, indomitable and ever vigilant

Bark, little meerkat standing tall

Let your voice echo across the plain

For your warning call and several inches of sand are the only things

Between death and the crimson sunset

Scamper, little meerkat, for your burrow

Quick! Let the little bright-eyed ones scurry in

The distant shadow beckons with a renting cry

Making a bid for its own survival

Breathe, little meerkat, for you’re safe

In this harsh gritty landscape you call home

Neither the heat nor the predator will claim you today

With a loving eye, you will be watched over

And when the sun clambers over the land at dawn

Put on your gloves and stand tall

For the battle against the elements

Never ceases in the boxing ring of life


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