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Émile Bayard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As the title so aptly indicates, this is a poem I wrote with Les Miserables as inspiration. Hope you all like it.


Driving along made up lines

Listening to a pain different and distant

Dark lights reflect the quality of your inner self

Tears lighter than hydrogen saturate onyx hair

The book of history is unravelling

Its pages telling stories with the blood of angry men

A new land born from the ashes of the dead

Life can only exist when death survives

Red upon white in a monochrome world

Peeling away the scabs of despair

Scouring the clinging mold of decay

Shaking off the breath of yesterday

It takes an ancient eye to recognise the young

To pinpoint the beginning of beginnings

The sliver of fresh green that still lives within

Grey fossils that no longer walk

No more, no more shall the relics rule

‘Tis a universe for the hopeful and the bright-eyed

The sceptre of oppression will crumble in the light of liberty

To expose shaky young limbs of progress


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