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Author spotlight

My interview was released yesterday! I’d actually cleanly forgotten about it till this morning at Muay Thai training. How exciting! Please click on Janet’s Author Spotlight to read what the very well written Morgen Bailey had to share about me.


Feelings and your heart – do you fight them to make better choices or do you follow them and take what history has taught you are the wrong chances?

Today I had to struggle to make what my friend called a “cerebral” choice. I have always very much been one to put myself out there in order to pursue what I want, even if sometimes it ends somewhat unsatisfyingly. I believe that making the wrong choices sets you up to be appreciative when something good comes along. As people, we have all – to some degree – taken the plunge, taken a chance for something we believe in, sometimes to our own detriment. My choices have always been set so deeply in “the pattern” that I don’t know how to make any other choices. I’ve come to revel in the pain and the twin pleasure that comes as part and parcel of “the pattern”. But inevitably, what is rotten cannot survive and must fall away to allow for new and better things. And so now I stand (figuratively), trying my darnedest to make a good solid choice for future Janet, trying to choose what I believe is the “right” choice, the sensible one, even though my heart yells at me and tells me that I really want “the pattern” instead. It rages in its cage, wanting out but dare I remove the padlock I have placed on it?

Ultimately, the question that underlies my internal dilemma is whether I go for what I want now or what I should want in 5 years. Like a magpie, my head is turned by flashy objects. I remind myself that beauty which exists on the surface will come to fade, that the shiniest penny will eventually dull with age. Once again, Einstein’s definition of insanity mocks me as I consider returning to the pattern…

Thanks to the fantastic work of my editor, I have now secured a spot on Morgen Bailey’s Author Spotlights! It’s scheduled to be released on the 28th of April at 7am UK time (3.30pm Adelaide time). In the interview, I’ll be introduced as a person and a writer. Be sure to check Author Spotlights for my interview this Sunday!

If you’re all wondering about my progress on Tongue Tied, I’m happy to announce that I’ve hit 32,000 words. On Tuesday morning, I woke up and had such a strong urge to write about sexy things that I couldn’t concentrate on Tongue Tied. I simply had to allow myself to be sidetracked, the result of which is a nearly complete short story titled Right and Wrong. It has been fun writing Right and Wrong even if it meant sacrificing two days of work on Tongue Tied. Usually the work I produce is very telling of my obsession at said time, and I don’t even mean the genre of writing, it may be something as insignificant as a wristband or a little phrase that appears in my writing. But there you have it. My work is like snapshots of my life, I think. Reading it brings back all the memories of that particular time in my life. Better than photos because for me, it’s the feelings that matter.

When things start falling into place, everything is new and exciting. For the first time in a very long while, my optimism is growing again. On the 16th of April, I was published. All those emotions I experienced over the past few years, the little triumphs and heartbreaks, the little moments of perfection, the beautiful pieces of inspiration, have now been formalised and are available to those who care to share in my past.

My greatest pleasure would of course be seeing my novel, Tongue Tied (or whatever it may be called in the future) in print but this is a momentous week, nonetheless. My first source of inspiration would be my father. The man is a veritable Jack-of-all-trades, having worked in many industries throughout his life. He has been an interpreter, a bus driver, a food business owner, a teacher and many more other things. I’ve definitely inherited his love of dabbling. My second source of inspiration would be my former partner who taught me that you should never be afraid to pursue your dreams. My third source of inspiration are my Krav Maga and Muay Thai trainers who believe that everyone has limitless potential and that we are all capable of great things. They push and inspire me every day to do better than I did the day before. My fourth source of inspiration are my closest and dearest friends who put up with my little insecurities and motivate me and rejuvenate my spirits. It is you who have made my life the wonderful thing it has turned into. My life is amazing because of the gems I surround myself with. Thank you.

I’ve just found out that On the Edge of Consciousness is also available in paperback. Please click here to view a sample or better yet – order a copy!

Today is the day I can call myself an author with pride. My first ever to be published book, a collection of my finest poems, can be found on Amazon. Please support a struggling writer by clicking on the links below:

For the paperback:

For the ebook:

On the Edge of Consciousness

Poetry for young adults.
An eclectic mix of poems on love, loss, fear, nature, urbanism, globalism and mother nature.
Get in touch with yourself and with nature.

This will be my first published collection and will be available on Amazon soon as an e-book. Target release date: 10th April 2013.


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